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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Art Gallery fabrics have just made the introduction to the newest, Fall collections and my Blithe should be available within the next couple of days.
With this collection, I have probably moved on from where I left my first, Indelible collection, changing the palette, making it more winterish and more cozy and comfort in a way. Maybe even a bit Holidays appropriate, as there are touches of metallics in a few prints.

 I love how this quote explains and describes perfectly some prints:  “I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says 'Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.'” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

And the official description: "Nature’s landscape transitions in hues as snow kisses the forest with its white blanket. Creature change their attire while colors shift from warm golds to dazzling whites and misty blues.."

Those are just the strike offs, but can't wait to show you the real fabrics very soon ;)
xx, Katarina

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Aurifil designer of the month

I am so flattered and happy to be featured on the Aurifill blog, as the designer of the month (September).

My Aurifil thread collections: Indelible and Voluminous are great match to my fabrics and you can find them in the craft and quilt shops. You can read more HERE about my Voluminous thread collection.

My task as the designer of the month was to design and make a pattern for the quilt block that was inspired by the color Blue. Be sure to download it!!!
 Here's the collage created with my pics, including the blue hues that inspire me.

Be sure to hop to the awesome Pat Sloan's blog and enter your block version for the chance to win some thread!

Hope you can join,
xx Katarina

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sadinia vacation

This year, we decided to change a bit our {favorite} summer vacation spot (Skopelos) and to visit one of the most beautiful holidays destinations in Italy - island Sardinia. We didn't know much about were we were going, as we arranged everything just a week before leaving. Must say that we were lucky enough to find a house to call home (via AirBnB) for 10 days in the high season.

As the trip to Livorno ( a port from where we were catching the ferry) takes around 12 hours from Belgrade by car, we decided to take a break in the beautiful Tuscan mountains, near Florence, which was however on our ride and only 2 hours away from Livorno. Via booking.com, we found a perfect B & B place- called Le Mandrie di Ripalta .

It's a family business offering unique food (0 km how they say- meaning that they use what they are producing themselves)and pleasant stay. It has a great position for travelers interested in visiting Tuscany, and we are definitely going back soon with that mission;)

The next morning, after a wonderful breakfast and nice suggestions about that area and which road to take from the very friendly owner of the place, we were on our way to Livorno. The ferryboat called "Wanderer" by Moby was the biggest I've ever seen and traveled with in my life. The 5 hours trip would be very pleasant if we could have our ski jackets with us, as the temperature on the boat was very low (they say it has to be like that because of the viruses and bacterias that other way could be developed) and all the air conditioning caused me some problems with my cervical area which lead to staying first 3 days in bed, recovering from the trip. I was so grateful that the kids were good and that at least them with my hubby could enjoy the Holidays from the first day.

We were staying at Tanca Manna family resort, which had the nice position for exploring the nearby beaches and places.

What we loved the most is Costa Smeralda and the beautiful Capriccioli beach.

The rock formations on the island and all the beaches were breathtaking and that was my favorite part. I am not found of sandy beaches, but the kind of the sand that we were finding there was not so fine, more like very fine pebbles and therefore not so annoying. We could find the natural shade on almost every beach we went to and that was the bonus for me (I can't stand being on the sun for longer).

Another breathtaking scenery was Capo Testa, at the very north of the island and it's surrounding.

We were so sorry that, due to the very strong winds the last few days of our stay, we couldn't visit the Maddalena islands, that were very near to our zone (actually that's how I picked the place to stay) and it will be something worth the return to this amazing and very huge island.

We have visited our family in Bari after Sardinia vacation and that's how we completed our great vacation.

The school is starting tomorrow for the kids and I will hopefully have more time to catch the regular posting;)

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Teepee log cabin block + quilt tutorial

During my spring Quilt market preparations, and with all the last minute sewing, I decided I should have a log cabin quilt. Because I really love making log cabin blocks.
They are very easy to make, beginner friendly and they can give very beautiful blocks and amazing pillows, bags and quilts.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of the Pandalicious fabrics to make an entire quilt with them, so I complimented the prints I had with the prints from my other collections and of course, some AGF blenders.

Anyway, here is the main block:

And here is the mock-up of the quilt I wanted to make, if I had enough fabrics....

My idea was to combine some of the low value fabrics for one corner (diagonal) of the block and some colorful-aqua tones for the other one.

The teepee print (Gansu Village) is ideal for fussy cutting and I started with cutting it in ideal 5" squares as centers. As this is one directional print, the only attention in piecing would be to make sure it is directed-pieced in a good way so that you can obtain the central "windmill" looking shapes. So in case if you want to obtain this look, just be sure to look carefully at the final quilt picture/diagram.

Here is the block order piecing:

Apart from the central square that measures 5x5", all the other are stripes and here are the measures for cutting fabrics:

1: 5" x 5"
2: 5" x 2.5"
3: 7" x 2.5"
4: 7" x 2.5"
5: 9" x 2.5"
6: 9" x 2.5"
7: 11" x 2.5"
8: 11" x 2.5"
9: 13" x 2.5"
10: 13" x 2.5"
11: 15" x 2.5"
12: 15" x 2.5"
13: 17" x 2.5"

As there are 16 blocks total, you will need to piece the square #1 - in 4 blocks in one direction, 4 blocks rotated 90 degrees, 4 blocks 180 degrees and 4 blocks rotated in 270 degrees from the first position.

The final block measures 17 x 17". (43 x 43 cm)
And the above proposed quilt measures: 66.5" x 66.5". (167 x 167 cm)

You can use it for these cute drawstring bags as well ;)

Here are some pics of the process of making the actual quilt

and some pics of the finished pillow and quilt.

Hope these may inspire you ;)

Happy sewing,